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How Do I Get Started in a Positive Choice Weight Management Program?

Program Details

healthy-eating-optionsIf you haven’t read through our Weight Management Information Book, you can call us directly and we will mail you program details including fees, (858) 573-0090 or download a copy, 2020 Weight Program Booklet

Schedule and Attend an Information Session

We host Information Sessions every week through the year at the Garfield Specialty Center in Clairemont Mesa and monthly Information Sessions in San Marcos and East El Cajon at the KP Bostonia medical offices. The dates and times are listed under the calendar tab of this website INFO SESSION SCHEDULE or you may call us, (858) 616-5600.

The Information sessions cover the details of our different weight loss food plans and programs. You will learn about our approach to weight loss and have an opportunity to ask questions. There is no obligation to join one of our programs at the Information Session; the goal is simply to give you information that will help you make a choice if one of the programs we offer is a good fit for you. Once you have attended, we can help you enroll. If you decide to become active in a Fasting or Partial Fast Program , we will order your lab work and schedule the necessary medical appointments to get you started.

The appointments needed to get you started in a the Partial or Full Fasting Weight Management Program include Pre-Program Lab Work and a Medical Clearance/ Enrollment Consultation, both of which must be completed by Kaiser Permanente’s Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center.