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You’re looking to lose weight…Congratulations!

Healthy Balance Program

Lose weight while attending weekly sessions that include education on creating healthier habits through nutrition, fitness, stress management and mindfulness. Program helps you get started on a diet of whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods, that aid in weight loss and disease prevention. Each session includes light exercise. Classes meet weekly for 1-hour for 16 sessions, available online or in-person.

No fee for KP members, non-members can participate for only $10/session.

To get started call 858-616-5600


Slim Down includes weekly online coaching appointments combined with a meal plan that includes 2 meal replacement per day (Shake, soup , or bar.) Your 30-minute appointment can focus on your individual needs for fitness, nutrition, self-care and goal setting.

$375 : Includes 8 boxes of meal replacements and 4 individual coaching sessions.


Call 858-616-5756 to get started.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss with Meal Replacements



Lose weight with the help of nutritionally balanced meal replacements that are designed to maintain a constant calorie level and curb appetite. While you lose, you participate in weekly medical supervision and group sessions either in-person or online. Weekly sessions focus on topics like becoming aware of and dealing with uncomfortable emotions, adjusting self-talk, building self-esteem, enhancing communication skills, stress management, etc.  As you near your goal weight program focuses on building nutrition and fitness strategies. Average rates of weight loss vary between 2 and 5 pounds a week.

There are many health benefits when you allow your body to “rest” from food for a while. In as little as 4-8 weeks on Full or Modified Meal Replacement Programs.

  • 75% of people with type 2 diabetes achieve normal fasting blood glucose off medications
  • HbA1c drops an average of 2 points
  • Insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance increases
  • Liver enzymes normalize
  • Fat in the liver and pancreas decrease
  • Blood Pressure decreases (1/3 are able to discontinue medications, 1/3 are able to greatly reduce medication)
  • Total Blood Cholesterol drops an average of 81 points and triglycerides drop 55.6%
  • 8 weeks and beyond…average weight loss is 15% from starting weight and 5 years after weight loss, 2/3 or more people maintain half or more of the weight they lost off.


Partial Meal Replacement Plan