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Mindful Living Program


Mindful Living is a 12-session online program introducing mindfulness skills, practices, and applications for weight management and everyday life.

You’ll learn about…

  • What Mindfulness is, how it can help, and a variety of mindfulness practices such as mindful breathing, mindful movement, etc.
  • Being mindful of thoughts and emotions and why that matters
  • Understanding the stress cycle and how to interrupt habitual reactions
  • Learning to create a space between impulse and action
  • Stress-reduction without food and/or other substances
  • Discovering your inner resources for coping and resiliency

 Call 858-616-5600 to enroll


Connect with one of our mindfulness practitioners for sessions incorporating guided mindfulness and relaxation practices, coaching around stress management, and support creating a self-care action plan you can carry into your daily life.  Individual appointments are customized to your needs and are conducted safely and virtually using Integrated Video Appointments.

Thirty-minute appointment: $55 or $150 for packages of three.

Call 858-519-1052 to get started.

Watch a brief mindfulness video from our instructors