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Integrative Medicine Physician Consultations

Integrative medicine differs from a conventional medicine because integrative medicine evaluates all aspects of your lifestyle as part of diagnosing and prescribing treatment. The goal is to help you help you create a way of living that will promote your body’s natural healing mechanisms for recovery and sustain your health and well-being through your entire life span.

What do you get in your consult?

Your consult includes a 60 minute face to face visit with an integrative physician.  For many patients, this will be the longest period of uninterrupted time they have ever had with a physician.  This time allows us to dig deeper into aspects of your health and health history you may never have considered before.

Prior to your consult, your medical history (if a Kaiser member) and your submitted health history questionnaire as well as your 3 day diet history will be  thoroughly reviewed to best understand how we can help you reach your goals, and what may be standing in your way.

After your consultation, your doctor will design your personal plan for achieving your health goals, and share this with you both virtually and with a summary packet that will contain materials outlining your recommendations.


Does my consult include an exam?  What about labs?

A focused exam may be performed, but the majority of the information our doctors need will be in your extensive health history questionnaire and your diet history. Labs are not ordered. Integrative Medicine services do not overlap with any covered benefit (such as labs) that are part of your traditional medical insurance.

I got labs done by another integrative doctor.  Can your doctor interpret these for me?

There are thousands of labs that are ordered in integrative medicine and no one doctor can interpret them all.  We suggest asking the doctor who recommended and ordered those labs to interpret them.

Will I be able to communicate with my doctor after my consult?

Yes!  Simply reach out to Positive Choice and our staff will relay any questions or help you arrange a 30-minute follow-up consult.

Do you offer virtual consults?

Yes! Both by phone and video–your choice.

Can people who are not Kaiser members request a consult?

Yes!  Our consults are open to everyone, Kaiser Permanente member or not, or even those without insurance.  That is because we are fee-for-service and our services are not part of any insurance plan.

Do I have to live in San Diego to have a consult?

Nope! You don’t even have to be in our time zone.  We would recommend a virtual consult for those far away.

Interested in an Integrative Medicine Physician Consultation?

 Once our team receives your Health and Diet History forms, they will call you for scheduling and payment.

Healthy History, click here
Your Integrative Medicine physician wants to learn more about YOU as a whole person, please complete a Health History form.



Three Day Diet History, (click here)
Nutrition is the cornerstone to health, and for that reason your we ask that you complete a detailed 3-day diet history. You will need to download and save this file in order to complete it. Please email your completed Diet History to [email protected].


Integrative Medicine physician appointments are not covered by the  Kaiser Permanente Health plan and $250 fee is required for initial appointment, $125 for follow-up appointments. Call if you have questions or need assistance, 858-616-5600.