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Healthy Children and Teens

Healthy Children and Families


Introduction Workshop for families with children between 5-12 years old.  Learn healthy eating strategies and how to build a balanced plate, how to get the family moving together, and how practicing mindfulness can help you stick with a healthy lifestyle. You also will learn how to connect with additional support services at Kaiser Permanente and have an opportunity to enroll. Click here or call 619-641-4194 to get started.


Workshop for parents and caregivers of children 5-12 years old. Parents and caregivers participate in four, weekly, 60-minute workshops that provide the education and tools to begin modeling healthy habits and introducing healthy behaviors to the young people in their family. Gain support in developing the skills to make small changes in the home that will improve the well-being of everyone in the family. The structure of the program is based on the premise that the parents and main caregivers in a child’s life are the most important teachers. Child and adolescent weight management is complex, as such, we focus on helping participants build a robust toolbox of skills through utilizing scenario learning, role playing, video content, and case studies. Register here or call 619-641-4194 to get started. 

Teen Programs


In this virtual workshop you will learn how to eat healthy meals at home, school, or when you’re hanging with your friends. You also learn how to practice mindful eating. At the close of the virtual workshop you will have the opportunity to schedule additional workshops that go into more depth on each topic. No fee to attend. Teens may schedule themselves by calling, 619-641-4194.


This course is a safe, welcoming space for teens 13-18 to learn tools for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and just daily life. Topics include self-compassion, working with difficult thoughts and emotions, mindful relationships, responding instead of reacting, and how to find peace during busy times. Each session includes a guided relaxation and mini-mindfulness tools you can use at any time to stay calm and present. There are opportunities for group discussion with your peers, but no pressure to share. Come get some breathing room! Sessions are virtual, 1-hour classes, Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm. Enrollment is ongoing, start your 6-week program any time. Click below to schedule or call 619-641-4194.