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Body Composition Testing

SECA – Body Composition Analysis

The Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center has one of the most sophisticated body analysis machines available on the market today. The SECA Body Composition Analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance to measure body composition using imperceptible electrical currents to determine your body composition. This test is comparable in accuracy to a DEXA scan (considered the gold standard).

The test itself will take roughly 20 seconds, and you will be provided results including: lean mass and muscle mass, body fat, body water, cellular health (a strong indication of health status), and an estimation of your metabolism.


$55 for 30-minute appointment

$95 for 60-minute appointment – includes an additional nutrition and/or exercise consultation

Bundle deal: $150 package of three 30-minute appointments (save $15)

Call 858-616-5514 to schedule.