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Body Composition Testing

SECA – Body Composition Analysis

The Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center has one of the most sophisticated body analysis machines available on the market today. Much more than just a body fat measurement, the SECA Body Composition Analyzer measures body composition using many frequencies of electro-magnetic waves that allow for accurate body composition measurement equal in accuracy to the gold standards of DEXA, hydrostatic weighing, and the Bod Pod – air displacement. The best part is you don’t have to undress and the test takes only 20 seconds. In addition to determining with accuracy your muscle mass, body fat, and body water composition, the SECA analyzer can also tell you information about the strength in each of your limbs, whether the fluid in your body is in or out side your cells (hydration v.s. water retention), accurately estimates daily caloric needs, and gives a measure on overall cell health – a strong indicator of health status.

$55 for 30 minute SECA

$95 for 60 minute SECA – includes an additional nutritional/exercise consultation

Bundle deal: $150 package of three 30-minute SECAs (save $15)

Call 858-616-5724 to schedule.