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Healthy Moms and New Baby

Childbirth Preparation

You will be offered essential information on preparing for labor and delivery. This class will give you the tools to feel empowered and confident when its time for your baby’s birth.

  • Kaiser Permanente Members only.
  • $96 for 4 sessions per couple
  • Call Center for Healthy Living to schedule: 619-641-4194.

Labor and Delivery Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of facilities and know what to expect when it is your time to give birth. Class is available online only. 

  • Kaiser Permanente Members only. No fee.
  • To register, please call (619) 641-4194

Breastfeeding With Success

Your baby’s health begins with good nutrition and studies have shown that breastfeeding offers a number of health benefits to you and your baby. This class can get you started on developing good breastfeeding skills and help you breastfeed with confidence.

  • Kaiser Permanente Members only. No fee.
  • To register, please call (619) 641-4194

Baby Care Basics

Wouldn’t it be nice if babies came with instruction manuals? This class just might be the next best thing. You’ll learn how to prepare for parenthood with useful tips on breastfeeding, bathing, diapering, car seat safety, protecting against Sudden Infant Death, Child/Infant CPR, and what to do about poisons. By the end of class you will be an expert on knowing what to do and when to call your physician.

  • Kaiser Permanente Members only. No fee.
  • To register, please call (619) 641-4194

Infant CPR for Friends and Family

Learn how to do infant CPR in case of emergencies. This workshop requires a small fee. Call Center for Healthy Living for more information and to schedule: 619-641-4194.


Mindful Mamas is a four-session online program that teaches mindfulness techniques that can help you accept your thoughts and feelings without being overwhelmed by them. You will learn skills that will help you slow down, breathe, and be present to enjoy your pregnancy and children. The life skills taught and practiced in this program are particularly helpful for dealing with anxiety and depression, both of which are common to pregnant and post-partum women. This program is open to pregnant and postpartum moms. Need to have a quiet space for duration of online class sessions. 
No fee, KP members only. Call 858-616-5600 to enroll.

Weekly Live Q&A Session with an Expert

Let’s chat about pregnancy and life after birth. Bring your questions for our certified Maternal Child Wellness professionals. This is a supportive space to discuss a wide variety of questions around managing expectations before birth, life postpartum, preparation for baby and birth, labor, infant safety and care, hospital preparedness, feeding your baby, where to find resources, and much more.

Managing Expectations Pre-Birth

Click Here to join on Mondays from 12pm to 1pm

Troubleshooting Everything Post-Partum

Click Here to join on Thursdays from 12pm to 1pm

Please note Q&A session will be unavailable on the following dates:
May 27th, June 10, June 17, June 20, June 24


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Healthy Moms & New Baby Education Workshops

Prenatal Health Education

Prenatal Educación para la Salud

Peripartum Depression and Anxiety Booklet


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