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Meet the Cosmetic Services Team

Meet Master Esthetician

Lindsey-SchumacherLindsey Goggin, MS

Lindsey Schumacher earned a Master of Esthetics license in 2007. Lindsey’s passion for beautiful skin and effective skin care was the motivating force for her choosing to be an esthetician. She enjoys her daily interactions with patients, mastering the latest anti-aging technology, and enhancing her patients’ regular skin care routines.

Lindsey’s role is to educate patients and perform facials, peels, and other anti-aging esthetic treatments. Her satisfaction comes in seeing the improvements in her patients’ skin.


Meet Dermatology Physicians

 Dr. Rausch Dr. Rausch








   Dr. Bonilla Dr. Bonilla








  Dr. ROdriquez Dr. Rodrigues-Bruno