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Crazy for Cranberries

on Nov 1, 2018 in General Wellness, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Whether it comes in a can, frozen, juiced, dried or fresh, cranberries have a handful of health benefits and disease–fighting powers. These berries can help fight bacteria and inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve oral health, help prevent ulcers and yeast infections, and may even inhibit the growth of some human cancer cells.

Not only are cranberries one of only three berries native to the U.S., in addition to blueberries and grapes, this super–fruit is also teaming with anti–oxidants which help prevent and repair cell damage done by free radicals and are rich in vitamins and fiber. Cranberries are also well known for preventing urinary tract infections however and possibly help if you have an urinary tract infection. Avoid sugary juice cocktails and jellied sauces, which have fewer antioxidants. To get the most benefit for those berries, try the fresher versions.

Chopped fresh cranberries mixed with chopped, toasted pecans, a tbsp of orange juice and a bit of honey makes a delicious fresh cranberry salad! Tis the season…enjoy.