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Put Your Feet in the Right Place and Stand Strong

on Jul 25, 2016 in Fitness, General Wellness

Train to WalkYour sneakers help you pursue fitness goals, so it’s essential that they are up to the job. Use this checklist to see if it’s time for a fresh pair.

  • Go sole searching. Set your shoes on a table to look for uneven wear. If you begin developing leg or foot pain, the cushioning may be flattened. Your foot size can change over time, so get measured yearly.
  • Mind your miles. Experts recommend looking for wear after 300 to 500 miles of running/walking or 45 to 60 sports/aerobics hours. Depending on stride length, 10,000 steps/day equal about 5 miles; if you wear the same pair daily, you could need replacements in as little as 3 months. Save your high-performance shoes for exercising and they’ll last longer.
  • Save on gimmicks. Though very specialized athletic versions are available, many of us just need a basic, well-fitting shoe. You can also skip so-called toning shoes — they have not proven to provide special muscle building power.

Take some time to test your sole mates this week and see if new kicks might add more spring to your step.