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Meal Replacements

The Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center combines medical supervision and multidisciplinary behavior modification programs with liquid meal replacements to help you lose weight safely and quickly. The meal replacements are specially designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition and curb appetite while still providing you with the energy you need to get through your days.

NUTRIMED® Meal Replacements

NutiMed® Meal ReplacementsThese meal replacements are designed to produce health benefits and weight loss more quickly than traditional full food weight loss plans. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, mocha, berry, chicken soup, and tomato soup. They are gluten and lactose free and do not contain artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, or additives.

NutriMed meal replacements are used in the Full Fasting Meal Replacement Program and require a medical clearance to begin the plan, and then supervision during the weight loss phase.  You must have 40 or more pounds to lose to qualify for the full fast plan using NutriMed.

OPTIFAST 800® Meal Replacements


The OPTIFAST 800 meal replacements help you to lose weight more quickly and safely than traditional weight loss plans. Flavors include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, tomato and chicken soup and three flavors of bars: chocolate, peanut butter and yogurt berry. OPTIFAST 800 meal replacements are gluten free and do not contain any additives. They are not lactose free.

OPTIFAST 800 meal replacements are used in the Full Fasting Meal Replacement (five daily) and Partial Fasting Weight Management programs (four and one small meal daily). It is also the meal replacement used in the Teen Weight Management Program. Medical clearance to begin the partial fast and supervision during the weight loss phase is required.