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Want to know how many calories you burn each day?

on Jul 7, 2015 in Nutrition, Weight Loss

Metabolic Rate and Body Fat Testing

Managing your weight is challenging, but this test can make it easier. Metabolic rate testing tells you the calories you need each day and how many calories you need to burn to meet your weight management goals. Body fat testing will give you a clear idea of a healthy body weight range specific to your body frame. Accurate bdy fat measurements are completed using state of the art bio-electrical impedance and CO2 uptake measurements. You will leave knowing how many calories you burn on any average day and also how many calories you burn when active and at rest. You will also receive nutrition counseling on how to use this information to achieve your desired body weight.

  • Body fat and metabolic measurements, re-usable respiratory mask, and consultation: $125
  • Metabolic Rate Re-test: $95
  • Body Fat Testing alone: $25

Call the Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center to schedule an appointment: 858-573-0090