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Still Going Strong (and Stronger) at 89 Years Young

on Jul 17, 2017 in Fitness, General Wellness

Living with heart disease has been a reality for most of Gene Calman’s life.  Diagnosed with heart disease at only 32 years old, Gene has had 3 defibrillators, and two bypass surgeries over the last 56 years. Despite these many physical challenges, Gene maintains a lively personality and positive way of thinking.  It was just those personality traits that, last year, helped motivate Gene to take on a new challenge. He read a newspaper article about a fellow World War Two veteran who was training to walk a half-marathon, he was inspired.

Gene wanted an active program that would make him work to improve his physical fitness. His past health problems and his age of 89 years made him consider carefully what he wanted to do. He asked his physician about what Kaiser Permanente offered and he discovered the Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center. He decided to do personal training and liked that the Personal Trainers at Positive Choice were so highly qualified. Trainers at the Positive Choice Wellness Center are required to have a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology (the science of human movement and physical adaption), many of the trainers have undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) and training in nutrition as well.

Gene started training weekly with Exercise Physiologist and Lifestyle Educator Melanie Perkins. When Gene first started training his walking was more of a shuffle and getting in and out of chairs was difficult. He became easily winded and stairs were difficult. Melanie worked to gently increase Gene’s overall body strength. Melanie focused on strengthening his core abdominal (redundant) muscles and the muscles in his legs to give him better balance. After only one year, Gene achieved dramatic results. Gene lost twenty-five pounds, increased his energy and strength; all of which he feels has come as a result of his weekly workout sessions with Melanie. He no longer finds himself out-of-breathe and it easier to move around in general.  “Most people think personal training is only for people who are young or want to lose weight,” says Melanie Perkins. “But everyone, no matter age or fitness level, benefits from strength training.  In fact, older individuals can benefit more from strength training as it makes their daily tasks easier.”

Gene is so happy with the results; he plans to keep working out with Melanie throughout this year too.  “Melanie was great. I liked the way she would design the workouts around my abilities.” Personal training at the Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center is $45 to $55 per session depending on what level of trainer you choose. Anyone interested can call Positive Choice at 858-573-0090 to get started.