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Live Strong, Live Long.

on Dec 15, 2015 in Fitness, General Wellness

Use it or lose it!  senior woman muscles

Starting as early as our thirties our bodies can begin to lose muscle mass. By middle age we may only notice it when we struggle to maintain our weight. As we advance into our senior years and continue to lose muscle mass, we find it harder to get up out of a chair, navigate stairs, stand for long periods of time, and may struggle with over all balance.

The greatest indicator of how long we will be able to live independently is how much of our muscle mass we have been able to maintain. It is our muscle that keeps us in balance and enables us to avoid falls. But that isn’t the only benefit muscle mass gives us. Research tells us that maintaining strong muscles also contributes greatly to strong bones, and can prevent diseases like certain cancers, diabetes  and heart disease.

The best way to get started is to work with a personal trainer or go to a muscle strengthening class. We have both at the Positive Choice Wellness Center, but there are many options available in the community as well. If you are a senior, try connecting with your local senior center, or if you are a member of AARP you can qualify for a free membership to Curves.

At the Positive Choice Wellness Center we offer Muscle Toning Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. The fee for eight classes is $55.  Personal training is scheduled at your convenience and the fee is $55 per session.

If you just have questions to about your current routine, you can visit one of our free Nutrition/Fitness sessions and an exercise physiologist can help you. Visit our website and learn how you can connect with a health educator live over the internet in one of our virtual/nutrition/fitness forums.