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on Jul 20, 2016 in General Wellness, Inspiration

Not only do we come in all shapes and sizes, but our personalities can range from angel to ogre. Deep down inside though, we’re all humans who want others to like us. The next time you’re tempted to see all horns and no humanity in someone, try this…

A Moment of Self Compassion

  • Remember that to err is human. And some humans err quite a bit. People aren’t always nice. They say the wrong thing, they get distracted, they forget. Just remember: We all face similar issues in life.
  • Try to find sympathy or empathy for them. When someone is being difficult or ignoring you, try to understand their feelings. Just because you don’t share them, the emotions are still valid. Remember how your problems sometimes make you do things you regret.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. Think about what others do and then about what you’d do in their position. Would you make the same choices? Be honest.

Discover each individual’s humanity to see them differently.