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Welcome to Maintenance

Day Time Instructor Classroom #
Monday 6:30 PM Teresa Classroom 10
Wednesday 10:00 AM Teresa Classroom 10
Thursday 6:00 PM Lizzy Classroom 10

Staying Motivated Through the Process of Change

Energy Balance: Balancing Food and Fitness to Manage Weight 

Macronutrients: Building a Balanced Plate to Manage Weight

Nutrient Density and Plant-Based Eating

Digestive Health: The Microbiome Gut-Brain Axis

Nutrition Facts: Food Label Reading (Part 1)

Nutrition Facts: Food Label Reading (Part 2)

Wellness Plan: Prioritizing Self-Care to Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle

Grocery Shopping: Healthy Hunting at the Market

Mindfulness: Prioritizing Self-Care to Cultivate Resiliency