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Full and Modified Meal Replacement Program

Program Materials

Transitioning Off Meal Replacements

Once you are ready to transition off of meal replacements, you will follow a 3-week plan while still attending your weekly class. Please inform your instructor when you are ready to start. Although you may choose to extend this transition, we do not recommend that you shorten it. Following this plan reduces digestive upset, gradually improves your metabolic rate, minimizes hunger, and makes your transition easier. Your program fees will reduce to $100/week plus $22 per box of meal replacements (you decide how much you need to purchase). View and download your transition plan here.

While you transition back to food, we recommend attending our weekly Support Group. You can work with us on what to eat and how you feel during this phase of your program. Groups are Thursdays from 6-6:30 p.m. Log in and find more information here: Transitioning Off Meal Replacements | Positive Choice

This is not your lifelong eating plan. You will create your long-term eating plan for weight maintenance during your 10-session Maintenance Program. Once you start your transition off meal replacements, please register for a Maintenance Orientation Session: Maintenance Orientation | Positive Choice

Medical Team and Educator Phone Numbers

Medical Team: Call 858-616-5789
or m
essage Guiliano Zolin on 

Ali Chambers 858-519-1602
Ann Teneover 858-616-5688
Brittany Reid 858-616-5794
Heather Glover 858-616-5757
Janet Klein 858-616-5729
Karen Murfeldt 858-616-5783
Kay Rethwisch 858-616-5755
Lee Sigall 858-616-5725
Monica De Schrijder (858) 616-5708
Rebekah Mendoza 1-858-616-5666
Shannon Nolte 858-616-5758
Shannon Ratliff 858-616-5743
Vicki Pepper 858-616-5727
Instructions for logging into class
  • To enter your online classroom, on your day and time of class click on your counselor’s name in which ever internet browser you normally use on your device (except Internet Explorer which is not supported).
  • When prompted, type in your first and last initial.
  • The system will then ask permission to test that you have a working mic and camera. Please click “Allow” for Blackboard to test that you have a working mic and camera to be admitted into class. Once inside the classroom only you can only you can turn on your mic and camera.
  • It will then ask you if you want to do a tutorial, Decline the tutorials…we will help you once in class.
  • If you can’t hear or lose sound, try refreshing your page or log out and back in as this almost always fixes the issue.
  • for tech tips and information on how to join your online classroom.


Time Instructor & link
4:00 PM Monica D   
4:00 PM Lee S.
4:00 PM Janet K. (Español)
6:00 PM Lee S.
6:00 PM Kay R.
6:00 PM Rebekah M.
6:00 PM Heather SOLUTIONS
10:00 AM Heather G.
4:00 PM Kay R.
4:00 PM Lee S.
5:00 PM Heather SOLUTIONS
6:00 PM Ali C. (Alison)
6:30 PM Rebekah M.
6:00 PM Lee S.
6:00 PM Vicki P. (Victoria).
6:00 PM  Monica D (previously Brittany's class)
9:30 AM Heather SOLUTIONS
10:00 AM Ali C. (Alison)
10:00 AM Brittany R.(was Ann)
4:00 PM Shannon R.
6:00 PM Lee S.
6:00 PM Vicki P. (Victoria).
6:30 PM Janet K.
6:00 PM Shannon N. SOLUTIONS
6:00 PM Ali C. (Alison) MINDFUL LIVING
THURSDAY 10:00 AM Shannon N.
4:00 PM Lee S.
6:00 PM Ali C.
6:00PM Monica D.
6:00 PM Karen M.
6:00 PM Lee S.