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Preparing for Eating (PFE) — Phasing off Meal Replacements

PFE Support Group

Adding food back into your life after losing weight using meal replacements can be a bit scary. You’ve lost weight avoiding food or at least limiting it to just a few choices and the idea of adding food back can spark fears of losing control or gaining weight.  PFE’s (or Preparing for Eating) is carefully designed to add food back in a way that maximizes weight loss and minimizes hunger while limiting for a short time your food choices to help avoid over-stimulation.

You can do this…and we are here to help!

 Virtual PFE Support Group Tuesdays at 6-6:30 pm

Katharine Klepin MS, RD answers questions and helps you through each phase. Simply click-in at 6 on any Tuesday (except holidays) using the below link (no scheduling need).