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Transitioning Off Meal Replacements

About Your Transition Off of Meal Replacements

  • Once you are ready to transition off of meal replacements, you will follow a 3-week plan while still attending your weekly class.
  • Please inform your instructor when you are ready to start.
  • Although you may choose to extend this transition, we do not recommend that you shorten it.
  • Following this plan reduces digestive upset, gradually improves your metabolic rate, minimizes hunger, and makes your transition easier. 
  • Once you inform your instructor, your program fees will reduce to $100/week plus $22 per box of meal replacements (you decide how much you need to purchase).
  • This is not your lifelong eating plan. You will create your long-term eating plan for weight maintenance during your 10-session Maintenance Program. Once you start your transition off meal replacements, please register for a Maintenance Orientation Session.

Support Group While You Transition Off Meal Replacements

Online Group

Thursdays, 6-6:30 p.m.

The Transition Off Meal Replacement food plan is carefully designed to add food back in a way that maximizes weight loss and minimizes hunger while limiting for a short time your food choices to help avoid over-stimulation. Attend this drop-in group visit for support from our staff around challenges, fears, and for nutrition guidance while you re-introduce food. Group is held in TEAMS, you do not need to schedule a visit to attend.