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Maintenance Booster Schedule

You do need to schedule Your Maintenance Booster classes to get credit for them. Call 858-616-5600 to enroll.

Click on classroom # to enter at your Booster day and time.

JULY 2020
Wednesday July 1st 5-6 pm Label reading Katharine Klepin Classroom 7
Tuesday July 7th 10-11 am Meal Prep Lizzy Kemp Classroom 7
Friday July 17th 12-1 pm Wiring Your Brain for Success Carmel Agdeppa Classroom 7
Monday July 27th 2-3 pm Principles of Strength Training Melanie Perkins Classroom 7
Thursday July 30th 4-5 pm Plant-Based Eating Sofie Blicher Classroom 7
Wednesday August 5th 5-6 pm TBA Katharine Klepin Classroom 7
Tuesday August 11th 10-11 am Healthy Habits for Brain Health Lizzy Kemp Classroom 7
Friday August 21st 12-1 pm Resiliency Carmel Agdeppa Classroom 7
Thursday August 27th 4-5 pm Exercise Your Heart- Cardiovascular Fitness Sofie Blicher Classroom 7
Monday August 31st 2-3 pm TBA Melanie Perkins Classroom 7