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REPAVING Old Thought Patterns

on Sep 24, 2018 in General Wellness, Inspiration, Mindfulness

We all have road “maps” of thought that our brains are tied to. These pathways have been formed from past events and experiences, and have been paved into place through repetition. Often times these old ways of thought can get in the way of progressing to better ways of thinking that propel us moving forward. The good news is nearly all roads eventually breakdown and have the opportunity to be repaved.
Do you have any thought patterns that need repaving?

One way to work on this is through a concept called … STOPCHALLENGECHOOSE.
Here’s how it works:


When you are faced with a challenging situation, rather than immediately reacting through your old pattern of thought and behavior, take a second to pause and take three deep breaths. This opens up the door to steps two and three.


Acknowledge the old pattern of thought or behavior that you were initially about to act on and challenge it with an alternative solution.


Make a conscientious effort to pursue this new solution.