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Worst Foods to Feed Your Kids

on Apr 25, 2017 in Cancer prevention, Nutrition

100% of Children Tested Showed They Tested High in Carcinogens – Worst Foods to Feed Your Kids

If you are not already very concerned about our exposure to environmental toxins…you should be.  Image result for Children toxins

We all are exposed to a daily bombardment of toxins from the environment, however children are at particular risk.  When nearly 500 children were tested, 100% of them had over the safe levels set for known carcinogenic and toxic substances. One hundred percent (and their parents tested high as well) of the children had overly high levels of Arsenic, dieldrin (an insecticide), DDE (a break down product of the DDT pesticide), and the highly carcinogenic dioxins.

While we are exposed through air and water pollution to these deadly substances, our greatest exposure is in the foods we eat.  The number one source of arsenic for children..chicken…think of all those chicken nuggets!  The second worse food was diary. Dairy products were the main source for the dioxins, lead and other pesticides found in the children.

Once these toxins are absorbed in our bodies they are stored in our fat tissue and it is very difficult to get them out.  The best option is to minimize our exposure.

Minimize your dairy or avoid it all together and eat poultry no more than once or twice a month.

Skip the yogurts unless they are organic and try sorbets instead of ice cream.

Eat a predominately plant-based diet.