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Nutrition Strategies for Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Eating Well Through and After Your Cancer Treatment

One of the best strategies for recovery from cancer is to make sure you are eating enough and eating an abundance of high-density nutritious foods. In this seminar learn nutrition strategies that can increase your comfort level through treatment, maximize your nutrition status, and help you manage common side effects that effect your ability to eat. Whether you are just starting your treatment or have been battling cancer for a while, you will benefit from this free, one-hour nutrition class. Kaiser Permanente members only.

Classes offered monthly at the Zion Medical Center – 4647 Zion Ave, Basement Class Rooms
Hosted by the Department of Hematology and Oncology Kaiser Permanente, San Diego

2020 Class Schedule Pending

Please schedule your attendance. To enroll speak with one of the oncology receptionists or call
877-236-0333. You may bring a support person and you may attend more than once.