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Athletic Performance Improvement/Injury Prevention

Get the care you need to get back to the top of your game or simply back to the activities you enjoy.

Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center offers many Services that can aid in sports injury recovery or help you achieve your optimum fitness.

Scheduling for any of the Athletic Performance services,


SECA – Body Composition Analysis

Stay at the top of your game by knowing what you’re really made of. The SECA Medical Body Composition Analyzer can help you do just that by accurately determining the amount of muscle, fat, and water in your body. It gives segmental muscle mass distribution across the core, as well as right and left upper and lower extremities. This can help to uncover imbalances so that they can be properly addressed through training. Body water both inside and outside the cell is also measured to set goals for proper hydration needed for optimum endurance and performance. Daily caloric needs are estimated as well a measure on overall cellular integrity and health.

The SECA Body Composition Analyzer measures body composition using many frequencies of electro-magnetic waves that result in body composition measurement equal in accuracy to the gold standards of DEXA, hydrostatic weighing, and the Bod Pod – air displacement. The test is easy to administer and can be completed with you fully clothed (bare feet) and takes only a few minutes.

Comprehensive SECA: $55
Provides an in-depth analysis of muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat, body fluid balance, cellular health, and estimation of calories. The test takes about 2-3 minutes, the remaining appointment is spent discussing the results.

Comprehensive SECA with Fitness Consultation: $95 Receive the Comprehensive SECA Analysis and then spend time with one of our personal trainers. They will help you develop fitness and nutrition strategies based on your specific athletic goals and SECA results to enhance your athletic performance or aid in injury

Strength Training for Performance

Whether you need continued rehabilitation from an injury, functional training to improve core strength and prevent injury, or to boost overall performance, our team of exercise physiologists and certified personal trainers will work with you to achieve whatever goals you might have.

30-minute appt: $55 (three for $150)                  

60-minute appt: $95

Sports Nutrition Consultation

Sound nutrition is a cornerstone to athletic performance. In this appointment you will work with a Registered Dietitian to develop a tailored nutrition plan to enhance sports performance and recovery. You’ll get a tailored nutrition plan that is individually geared to fit your lifestyle and help you reach your specific athletic goals.
30-minute appt: $55 (three for $150)                    60-minute appt: $95

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Many athletes have specific goals that require a calculated number of calories in order to achieve. To reach these goals safely and effectively, it is crucial to know your baseline caloric needs. The resting metabolic rate test uses respiratory exchange technology to directly measure how many calories you burn in a resting, fasted state. Using this measurement, your overall caloric needs can be accurately determined to meet your weight and performance goals.

Resting metabolic rate measurement, re-usable respiratory mask, and consultation with nutrition/fitness specialist: $125

Resting Metabolic Rate Re-test: $95

Performance VO2 Max Test

This test allows you to know your true fitness level by measuring how well your body delivers and utilizes oxygen to burn fuel.   Using respiratory exchange technology while you exercise on either the treadmill or your own bike, an exercise physiologist will determine your maximal aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold. From this information, heart rate training phases can be developed to help you train smart and efficiently to bring your fitness and performance to new levels.

Performance VO2, reusable respiratory mask, and consultation: $190

Biofeedback for Athletic Performance / Pain Management

Performing well can depend on having a relaxed mindset that allows you to calm your nerves and compete at your best. Biofeedback training is an evidence-based modality shown to improve anxiety of all types. During the biofeedback session, you will be hooked up to equipment that detects small changes in physiological measures such as your skin temperature, heart rate, and respiration. These changes are graphically displayed for you on a computer screen. With the help of a certified Biofeedback therapist, you will use this information to learn specific breathing techniques to help balance your fight or flight (sympathetic) nervous system with your calming and relaxing (parasympathetic) system. Once learned and practiced, these techniques can be used to reduce anxiety, clear the jitters and allow you to relax and simply execute during competition

Biofeedback breathing techniques can also be useful for dealing with chronic pain associated with sports injuries and overtraining.

The biofeedback session usually lasts 45-50 minutes. The length of the individual session and the amount of sessions that you will need depends entirely upon the condition that you are hoping to treat, however many people find significant symptom relief in three to six sessions.

Kaiser Permanente members please check with your Primary Care physician to see if your condition warrants a referral as the fee structure is different for members with a referral. Members without a referral and Guests to Kaiser Permanente may schedule an appointment for $95.