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Healthy Balance Program

Welcome to the Healthy Balance Program!

This page serves as a quick-reference guide for the links to your online classroom and program materials. Please be sure to ONLY click on the classroom links on the day and time of your registered classes. If you need assistance, please contact your instructor or call the department at 858-616-5610 or use contact section of this website.



Day Time Instructor Classroom
Monday 9:00 AM Jesus Classroom C
Monday 10:30 AM Lizzy Classroom A
Monday 4:30 PM Lizzy Classroom A
Monday 6:30 PM Carissa Classroom A
Tuesday 8:00 AM Melanie Classroom A
Tuesday 10:00 AM Debbie Classroom A
Tuesday 1:00 PM Anneliese Classroom A
Tuesday 3:30 PM Anneliese Classroom A
Tuesday 6:00 PM Melanie Classroom A
Tuesday 7:00 PM Debbie Classroom C
Wednesday 9:00 AM Kari Classroom A
Wednesday 10:00 AM Jesus Classroom B  Espanol
Wednesday 11:00 AM Kari Classroom A
Wednesday 12:00PM Sofie Classroom C
Wednesday 4:00 PM Anneliese Classroom A
Wednesday 5:00 PM Janet Classroom B Espanol
Wednesday 6:00 PM Anneliese Classroom A
Thursday 10:00 AM Kari Classroom A
Thursday 3:00 PM Lizzy Classroom A
Thursday 4:30 PM Lorena Classroom B Espanol
Thursday 6:00 PM Sofie Classroom C
Thursday 6:30 PM Katharine Classroom A
Friday 8:30 AM Melanie Classroom A
Friday 12:00 PM Melanie Classroom A
Saturday 9:00 AM Sofie Classroom A
Saturday 10:00 AM Carmel Classroom C
Saturday 11:00 AM Sofie Classroom A

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