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Welcome to the Healthy Balance Program

Need help? Refer to for tech tips and information on how to join your online classroom.

  • Live classes are in session – please do not click to join more than 30 minutes before your class time.
  • On your day and time of class, click on your counselor’s name to enter your online classroom.
  • When joining, enter your first and last name or last initial.
  • To be sure you can hear and participate in class, make sure to click “Allow”. 

Online classes will be held in Blackboard Collaborate beginning September 26th. If you are having log-in issues, please visit our tech support page by clicking here.

Time Educator & link
9:00 AM Jesus J.
10:30 AM Lizzy K.
12:30 PM Lizzy K.
4:30 PM Debbie V.
6:00 PM Kate H.
6:30 PM Carissa F.
8:00 AM Melanie P.
10:00 AM Debbie V.
1:00 PM Anneliese P.
3:30 PM Anneliese P.
6:00 PM Melanie P.
6:00 PM (pilot) Anneliese P.
7:00 PM Debbie V.
9:00 AM Kari M.
10:00 AM. Jesus J. (Español)
11:00 AM Kari M.
4:00 PM Anneliese P.
5:00 PM Carissa F.
5:00 PM Janet K. (Español)
6:00 PM Anneliese P.
7:00 PM Anthony (Tony) M.
7:00 PM (pilot) Debbie V.
10:00 AM (pilot) Kari M.
6:00 PM Kimberly F.
8:30 AM Melanie P.
12:00 PM Melanie P.
9:00 AM Colleen P.
10:00 AM Carmel A.
11:00 AM Colleen P.

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