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Germina: Weight Loss Success

on Mar 2, 2012 in Patient Testimonials

Germina: Weight Loss Success

Germina’s Story

I was classified as obese for 25 years, and could never stick to a weight loss program for very long. I was a compulsive overeater and was embarrassed by my weight, as well as the inability to control my eating. Every year I attended a banquet of runners with my husband, and each year I dreaded going because I was the only fat girl in the room. My self-esteem was low and I was not living the life I had always dreamed of. I could only dream of living a life free from food addiction.

I finally realized that I had spent years putting everything else first and had forgotten to take care of me. At this point, I felt depressed and reached a low point in my life and decided that it was time to focus on myself. I also realized that I needed more than just a diet, so I went to an orientation at Kaiser’s Positive Choice program. I remember at the orientation the first thing I heard from the counselor was, “you will not be able to keep the weight off if you do not exercise.” I was determined not to fail like I had done so many other times. So the next morning, I woke up at 4:00am and went to the gym, and I have continued to go every morning since then. I chose to go on the Partial Fast Program in Kaiser’s Positive Choice program. This was because I wanted to face and conquer the beast within, my addiction to food.

I listened to my counselor, participated in class, and shared with others as to why I used food to fill the void in my life. Each week I took one of the tools mentioned in class from the counselor and reflected on it throughout the week. For example, one week the counselor mentioned, “How much food will it take to solve the problem or fill the void within?” I reflected on this all week until finally I realized that no amount of food would solve the issues or fill the void. This was just one of the great lessons I learned from the program. After reaching my goal weight, I attended a maintenance program with one of the nutritionist for six weeks. At this time, I am taking my eleven free booster classes within the next year. I have learned so much from the counselors and nutritionists at Kaiser’s Positive Choice program, and I could never have done this without them. Most of all, this program gave me the life I always dreamed of living and I could never thank them enough for that.