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Healthy Balance Classrooms

At your class day and time, click on the yellow triangle and it will take you to classroom A

En Espanol Salon B.

This classroom is for Healthy Balance Groups only and are not used for other services. Please only click-in at your scheduled class-time.







Day Time Instructor Classroom
Monday 10:30 AM Lizzy A
Monday 4:30 PM Lizzy A
Monday 6:30 PM Carissa A
Tuesday 8:00 AM Melanie A
Tuesday 1:00 PM Anneliese A
Tuesday 3:30 PM Anneliese A
Tuesday 5:30 PM Melanie A
Wednesday 9:00 AM Kari A
Wednesday 10:00 AM Jesus B Espanol
Wednesday 11:00 AM Kari A
Wednesday 4:00 PM Anneliese A
Wednesday 5:00 PM Janet B Espanol
Wednesday 6:00 PM Anneliese A
Thursday 10:00 AM Kari A
Thursday 3:00 PM Lizzy A
Thursday 4:30 PM Lorena B Espanol
Friday 8:30 AM Melanie A
Friday 12:00 PM Melanie A
Saturday 9:00 AM Melanie A
Saturday 11:00 AM Sofie A