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Whole Food, Plant-Based Cooking School

Did you know that there is no known nutrient, protein, vitamin, or mineral that you need that cannot be obtained from eating plant foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains?paper bag with groceries

Most people believe that we have to drink milk or eat meat to be healthy, but this simply isn’t true. Most of the world’s population eats little or no animal-derived foods and they are much healthier because of it.

You may have tried to eat more fruits and vegetables or even tried to be vegetarian/vegan and given up because it was just too hard. The trick to increasing the amount of plants you eat and lowering your animal foods is connecting with fun creative recipes and cooking techniques that make eating a lot of plants easy and delicious. The Positive Choice Integrative Wellness
Center is heating up our kitchens once again and introducing a series of plant-based cooking classes to help you do just that.

In each cooking class our nutritionists and dieticians will show you how to prepare a variety of plant-based dishes, all of which are centered on improving your overall health. You’ll taste samples, and go home full with recipes, shopping strategies, and cooking techniques that you can start using immediately. In addition to your cooking class, your class fee gives you access to an exclusive holistic nutrition webinar that you may view online at your convenience. These webinars will provide additional background on the science behind the foods you will be cooking and how these foods help your body to heal and stay well.

Tuesday, May 10th at 6 to 8:00 p.m.
What do heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, fibromyalgia, and leaky gut syndrome have in common? They all are diseases linked to inflammation. Different areas of your body can become inflamed from exposure to an excess of animal protein, processed foods, food additives, plastics, environmental toxins, etc. The colorful pigments found in fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts and seeds are not only beautiful, but they have powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well. Learn how you can bolster your immune system and greatly decrease inflammation by incorporating more of these foods into your everyday cuisine. Go home with recipes, cook book ideas, and shopping strategies that will help you put out the “flame” of inflammation.


Tuesday, July 12th at 6 to 8:00 p.m.
Learn how to stabilize blood sugar and enhance fullness using health promoting plant-based proteins, healthy fats and high fiber carbohydrates. Gain understanding regarding how this influences your health and ability to attain and maintain a healthy weight. You’ll learn food strategies that will keep you energized throughout the day and curb food cravings in the evening. Come hungry, leave feeling satisfied.


Tuesday, September 13th at 6 to 8:00 p.m.
Trust your gut that this is an important class to attend. Over 85% of your immune system is centered in your gut, making it one of the most important areas of your body for protecting your health. If your intestinal tract becomes damaged there is no end to the health problems that can occur internally. Processed foods, additives, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and possibly Genetically Modified (GMO) foods, can alter healthy gut bacteria and damage the delicate lining of your intestinal tract. Learn about prebiotics and probiotics, i.e. foods that feed and/or contain healthy strains of bacteria and promote the growth of this healthy bacteria in the gut. Go home with tools for maximizing healthy bacteria in your gut and improving overall health.


Tuesday, November 8th at 6 to 8:00 p.m.
Make this Holiday season one of your healthiest yet with all kinds of recipes that re-make common high calorie favorites. You’ll go home with new creative ideas for serving up delicious seasonal vegetables and fruits. Discover creative ways of how you can incorporate vegetables in traditional holiday dishes and make your season a healthy and delicious one.