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Stay-In Workouts: Fitness On Facebook

“Friend” Positive Choice KP on Facebook (click here) and workout with a Positive Choice fitness expert live or anytime as the recording will stay in your Facebook feed.

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Functional Strength

Wake up and start your week off right with this all level functional training class taught by Anneliese Piazza MS. Using physio balls and/or your own body weight; you’ll learn mobility exercises that improve range of motion and total body strength.

Simple Yoga 

Practice Yoga with Norma Solomon. In this class you do simple yoga poses with the aid of a chair.

Strength Rx 

Get ready to strengthen your entire body working with Melanie Perkins MS.  You can do this workout at home even without equipment. Use free weights, bands, physio balls, and/or your own body weight and gain strength.

Cardio Dance 

Get your blood flowing while having fun with Lizzy Kemp MS. This all-level class incorporates movements from dance and aerobics and accommodates all fitness levels.  No equipment needed.

Yoga Stretch

De-stress with Colleen Peterson in this class that focuses on increasing mobility and flexibility. Practice breathing techniques that help connect your mind and body. All levels welcome, equipment optional.