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Hall of Fame


You have probably discovered that your weekly Weight Maintenance classes have been a great support to you after the Meal Replacement Program. Part of your Maintenance first year includes  unlimited Maintenance Booster sessions.

Weight Maintenance Boosters

  • Several Boosters covering a variety of topics are offered each month.
  • Boosters are one-hour and facilitated by counselors with a variety of professional backgrounds and specialties.
  • Your 1st Year of Boosters begins the month of your last Maintenance group session and continues for 12-months.
  • For long-term weight maintenance success (and to receive Hall of Fame) we recommend attending at least one booster a month, however you are encouraged to attend as many as you like.

Hall of Fame

  • Positive Choice has a long-standing tradition of honoring Full/Modified Meal Replacement Program participants who have demonstrated successful weight maintenance with an additional free year of unlimited Boosters. We call this the Hall of Fame and as long as you continue to meet Hall of Fame eligibility criteria, you may renew your Hall of Fame status each year.

 Hall of Fame Application Process

 Hall of Fame Eligibility

  • Attend at least one Booster every month for 12 months and/or
  • Participate in other support options at Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center:
    • Wellness Seminars (make sure to have the counselor note your attendance)
    • Healthy Balance Program
    • Slim Down Personal Training and Weight Loss
    • Exercise and Nutrition Consult
    • Personal Training
    • Biofeedback
    • Mindful Wellness Consult
  • If you are unable to attend a monthly Booster or an additional support option, you may submit a 7-day food record either in person, via mail, or email us at [email protected]. When submitting the food record, please include your full name, your medical record number, and the month you want the food record to be used for during your Booster year. This food record option may only be used two non-consecutive times during each Booster year..
  • While no changes to the Hall of Fame program are anticipated, the Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center reserves the right to modify Hall of Fame policies.

 Extended Booster Maintenance

  • If you do not qualify for the Hall of Fame but would still like to attend Boosters, you may purchase an Extended Weight Maintenance Booster Pass.
  • The Extended Weight Maintenance Booster Pass includes six months of unlimited Booster groups.
  • For pricing, please contact Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center at (858) 616-5600.