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Free Wellness Seminar Calendar

The seminars are open to everyone. You are welcome to participate even if you are not a member of the Kaiser Permanente health plan.

  • Seminars are offered online.
  • Click-in from anywhere with a laptop, computer, tablet or your phone. Watch from the comfort of your home or at your office.
  • If you enroll, you receive the link to attend by email or you can always click-in by clicking on the purple circle on your right 5 minutes before the seminar. No downloads needed.
  • Once you enter Blackboard, type in your first name and click “Join Session”. (say yes to system testing your mic & camera and say “No” to the tutorial.)

Nutrition Strategies for Lowering Chronic Inflammation
Thursday, April 7th, noon to 1:00 pm

There are many environmental and nutrition factors that can lead to chronic inflammation deep within our bodies. Vicki Pepper MS RD will cover nutrition strategies you can do to lower the inflammation and resolve symptoms.

Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthy Brain
Tuesday,May24th, noon-1:00pm

Getting older doesn’t mean we have to get more forgetful. Lizzy Kemp MA will cover the lifestyle and nutrition strategies that promote brain health and maintain cognitive function.

Intermittent Fasting: Pros & Cons
June 2nd at noon to 1:00 pm

Is Intermittent fasting as great as they say and how can you implement in your lifestyle to see results? Vicki Pepper MS RD will discuss different intermittent fasting techniques and how or why to implement.

Get Started with a Plant-Based Whole Foods Diet
Tuesday, July 26th at noon to 1:00 pm

Research clearly indicate that a fully plant-based diet of foods in their whole or mostly natural state promotes health and can help reverse medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and autoimmune conditions. Come listen as Lizzy Salvato MA covers strategies  for plant-based living.